Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New cricket season

Its the start of the county cricket season so of course its a nice sunny day. Well at least it's dry if rather 'taters (potatoes) as a cockney might say. There was a good crowd at Edgbaston to watch the first day's play this season by Warwickshire, against the "local" rivals. I'd rather be a Bear than a Pear naturally!

I did intend to stay for longer than the first session but thought i might totally freeze up if i did. I did however manage to see a few balls of Graeme Hick play. You never know, when you see a legend at the end of his career, if you will ever see him play again so it was good to see him score a boundary, even better the fact he perished soon after lunch anyway! Of course the sun came out as soon as i got home...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome to my blog

My second attempt at a Warwickshire CCC blog but this blog is for life not just for Christmas Summer so hopefully will be more successful this time. The blog did not really get created until August but some posts from another of my blogs from earlier in the year have been put in to get things going.

This blog will have news from the club and matches and players. Maybe a bit of opinion too, on matters Warwickshire, England and beyond.

Snappy pic