Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rouse risks rousing KOS' ire

In commenting on the Edgbaston pitch before tomorrow's test match (which he said would be "flat and sluggish") Steve Rouse has also mentioned how he would prefer the pitch to have more grass on it but is overruled by Gilo. Steve, like all of us, would rather see a pitch that offered a game of it than yet another grinding bore draw.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Frosty gets a wicket!

Tony Frost has one of his occasional bowls in the current match against Hampshire and got his first wicket! Sean Ervine is the unlucky chap who may now turn up in pub quizzes and cricket trivia for years to come.

Matt Prior delivers a grand donation to Portslade Cricket Club

England star Matt Prior has presented a £1,000 cheque to Portslade Cricket Club in Hove, East Sussex, as part of the Cash 4 Clubs nationwide push to provide much needed funding for grass roots sport.

Portslade Cricket Club is a community club run by volunteers for local children in Hove. They have been burgled five times in the last 14 months, so the grant is a real boost for the club.

Commenting on the initiative, Matt Prior said: “Grass roots clubs like Portslade CC are the future of English cricket. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the opportunities I had through my local club when I was younger. The importance of investing in the development of youngsters is essential to the future of the game.”

The Cash 4 Clubs scheme, funded by Betfair - the UK’s largest online betting company, has announced it is to award significant funding to community sports clubs for a second consecutive year by extending the Cash 4 Clubs initiative nationwide.

Grants can be used to improve facilities, purchase new equipment and generally invest in the sustainability of their club. Awards of up to £1,000 are made on a quarterly basis, with applications judged by an independent committee. To apply clubs need to fill out an application available at

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Debut 1st class ton for Woakes

Chris Woakes scored his debut 1st class ton in the county championship game against Hampshire. Still not out at the moment, his big partnership with Trotty is approaching 200.

Well done to Woakes-y, the next Botham/Flintoff i think. An all-rounder the common man can relate too. You read it here first.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The magic of the Ashes

Its the best isn't it? The Ashes i mean, and i don't say that just because England won the last test. Its not between the best two teams in the world (one could argue now neither are in the top 2) but has so much history, passion, drama. Things that shiny new sports events lack. Events like T20 can be exciting but they are soulless to be honest. One day maybe they may be able to attain a history but they will always be lagging behind the Ashes. Freddie was immense of course but don't forget Swann took the more vital wickets in that second innings it could be argued.

Onto Edgbaston next week!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Should P20 or should it go?

A little bit of confusion over P20, the bright sparkling new T20 competition for next year, first there were reports the ECB had pulled the plug but then they denied it and were still in talks. It does appear though that the reason P20 may not be a go-er is because of... India. The ECB wanted to sell P20 to Indian TV viewers but a requirement of this was for every 1st division team to have an Indian overseas player. However lawyers advised that this would fall foul of UK employment law and there would also be a difficulty of specialist T20 players in getting work permits.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sad news for an Ashes hero

While the class of 2009 put the Aussies under pressure in the 2nd Test a member of the class of 2005 faces an uncertain future. Simon Jones will not have his contract renewed by Worcestershire after his absent season due to another knee injury. He is free to talk to other counties.

P20 is toast

The troubled EPL then P20 is toast. Thus next season will just have 3 domestic competitions not 2 T20 ones. The ECB are also to end the May test series (which of course clashes with IPL) and instead have the shorter test series in early June.

Next season's domestic season is thus a three format one with a county championship (full 16 matches), the FPT and a new T20 competition which starts in June and then continues throughout the rest of the season replacing the P40. It all looks good but the ECB will likely make a mess up of it all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bring back Warnie!

Shane would have finished off the Poms.

2 days (nearly) no play

Following the disappointment of last night's Pro40 game which lasted only a few balls today's play in the county championship was totally washed out. All this heavy rain, must be something to do with water tables. Best call Dicky Bird!

Its good for my peas and onions though.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Now that was an exciting draw

Being a watcher of Warwickshire first-class cricket i'm used to dull, grinding bore draws. So the nail biting finish to the first Ashes test nearly did me a mischief. Some draws can be exciting, though few involving the Bears. Lets not celebrate too much about the result as the Aussies outplayed the Poms with bat and ball, though ironically England are probably going to be on higher morale going into the Lords test compared to Australia.

Like Chris its out now

If the Bears need to strengthen their batting then they need to learn to bat like Chris Martin!

Actually i wouldn't mind seeing Chris Martin return to Warwickshire to do some bowling for us.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warks vs Sussex

Well day 2 saw a full day's play, though earlier on Warwickshire's batters probably wished it was pissing down again. It was very dodgy early on with the Bears at 16-3 at one stage. Trott and various partners helped steady the ship though and his mighty 166 took us to 349-9 at stumps.

Yasir Arafat bowls to Ian Bell

Jon Trott plays a shot while Peter Willey looks on.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The day was definitely moist

It brightened up around noon and play had started so i went to the ground but by the time i got there it was raining again and play had stopped after 4 overs (Bears 5-1). Play did not resume despite the best efforts of the staff because of the returning rain.

Squad for Bears vs Sussex

Its a bit moist at the moment but hopefully i'll be along there later. The Warwickshire squad :

Ambrose +

Moist reminds me of the Canadian rock band Moist or as the mother of my Quebec born penfriend used to call them "Le Moist".

Calum MacLeod action is suspect

Calum MacLeod no doubt hoped appearing for Scotland in the World T20 would get him noticed, unfortunately it got him noticed for a suspect bowling action! AD and Dougie will work on his action after Calum was stood down from the Scotland squad following concerns with his action expressed by the umpires in last week's match against Kenya where they suspected him of throwing the ball.

AD said it will likely take a couple of months to modify his action.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A lack of class

The Warwickshire vs England game ended in a bore draw and much bitterness. And on a rather unsavoury note. From Brian :
"Charging members also kept away some people, although the reaction of some who did attend provided another ugly dimension. Some chose to direct their ire towards the office staff in unforgivably rude fashion. In one case, a (junior) club representative was spat at. The perpetrator should never be allowed inside Edgbaston again."
Indeed. I find that kind of behaviour totally unacceptable. I think its right to be annoyed at the club for it's match prices (though i wouldn't be surprised if they weren't forced into it by the ECB) but not to direct that annoyance at the foot soldiers, especially spitting! It's not their fault, they didn't set the pricing policy. They are just trying to do their jobs. If you are angry write to CP and say so.

Lashing out at the club employees is a cowardly act. Those responsible should be banned for life.