Friday, July 3, 2009

A lack of class

The Warwickshire vs England game ended in a bore draw and much bitterness. And on a rather unsavoury note. From Brian :
"Charging members also kept away some people, although the reaction of some who did attend provided another ugly dimension. Some chose to direct their ire towards the office staff in unforgivably rude fashion. In one case, a (junior) club representative was spat at. The perpetrator should never be allowed inside Edgbaston again."
Indeed. I find that kind of behaviour totally unacceptable. I think its right to be annoyed at the club for it's match prices (though i wouldn't be surprised if they weren't forced into it by the ECB) but not to direct that annoyance at the foot soldiers, especially spitting! It's not their fault, they didn't set the pricing policy. They are just trying to do their jobs. If you are angry write to CP and say so.

Lashing out at the club employees is a cowardly act. Those responsible should be banned for life.

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