Thursday, December 4, 2008

West Indies fill the gap

The West Indies will tour England next Spring and early Summer filling the gap left by Sri Lanka who decided to IPLise their bank accounts instead (and anyway they were filling the gap left by the mighty Zimbabwe, a country driven to bankruptcy by corruption, ineptitude and power mania. No that's Zimbabwe not the UK. Though amusingly the head of the Zim central bank has praised Britain for copying their fiscal policies, despite all the chorola and violence its nice to see Zimbabweans still have a sence of humour.) The Windies, who are just about as broke as Zimbabwe in any case, will play 2 tests and 3 ODIs, the last of which will be at Edgbaston on May 23rd.

This now allows the fixtures for 2009 to be finally completed and finalised. Quite why we had to wait i don't know considering June onwards presumably was already decided.

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