Monday, March 15, 2010


Three cheers for ITV4 as finally i have been able to see some IPL on TV and what i have seen so far has been pretty good. The excitement, the colour, the big 6s, the hot chicks in the crowd which the cameraMEN always dwell on. What is not to like?

Well the infamy of that last over bowled by Tyagi (who didn't even get to finish it as he bowled 2 over the waist height balls so he ended up with the superb figures of 1.5-0-39-0). What was Dhoni doing bowling him in the last over after his previous over had been so badly mauled? So my adopted team of the Chennai Super Kings didn't get off to a very good start (my great-great-great-aunt was born in Chennai in case you were wondering how i picked them).

Seeing the old stars like Shane Warne and some exciting new Indian players makes the IPL some excellent cricket in my opinion.

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