Sunday, May 9, 2010

Unstoppable Bears

Amid the chaos of a general election one fact has come to the fore which truly shakes the world to it's foundations. Learned men in the great capitals of the world are rubbing their heads in puzzlement, computers furiously number crunch petabytes of data but to no avail. This mystery has baffled the world and taken up countless hours of TV across the world. The Bears have seemingly become unbeatable.

Today's victory over Durham in the CB40 is yet another Earth shattering event of such magnitude the LHC operators in CERN ran panic stricken from their laboratories for a while as they mistook the events unfolding at Edgbaston as a black hole opening up deep below Switzerland.

It followed on from a famous victory over Kent at Canterbury which was probably the greatest victory since Trafalgar and last week's rout of the Foxes who will probably wish they had been shot instead like the one at Hove. And of course can we forget the awesome victory over Hampshire? No we never will. Er which one was that again?

Can this amazing run continue? Lets just enjoy it while it lasts, maybe everything we have grown up to know and expect is wrong. Maybe up will now be down. Maybe ants will take over the world. Maybe something even more weird could happen like the Liberal Democrats get into power?

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