Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let the cricket season begin!

I currently have a lobster face for the first time this year after watching some cricket at Edgbaston cricket ground, the home of Warwickshire.

Although the season started a few weeks ago today's game - a CB40 game against Leicestershire was the first home game and also the first chance i have to see the new pavilion.

It looks fabulous, though its not quite finished yet. They aim to finish it by June i think, it looks nearly there anyway. The new permanent floodlights look amazing and rather off-worldly too.

As to the game itself well i only stayed for the Warwickshire innings, actually i never stay longer than an innings or session due to my incredibly short attention span, but it was great entertainment. The Bears scored heavily with plenty of DLF Maximums or 6s if you prefer. I am now following the conclusion of the game on Cricinfo. Sometimes that is the best way to watch cricket. You are less likely to get sunburn anyway. Photos from the Warwickshire innings are here.

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marvmark said...

Its going to be a great season for the Bears!

Its a shame it took the council so long to grant permission for the development!

Yoouuu Beeeaaarrrrsssss!