Friday, January 20, 2012

England need to get used to Pakistan conditions.

After a disappointing first test match performance from England which lost a number of stan james free bets, England will need a lot of patience in their next test with Pakistan in the UAE.

It was only a year ago when England were taking advantage of the fast paced pitches in Australia in front of huge crowds and an electric atmosphere, but the situation against Pakistan is very different and the Victor Chandler odds show how difficult there task is going to be.

Playing cricket in Dubai, Pakistan's second home, will feel very alien to the the English team.

Apart form one or two of the Barmy Army faithful, the stadiums will be very much empty which can often make it difficult to raise the energy levels required in the game. Bowlers will find it hard attack the opposition while batsmen will find it equally hard to score quickly on pitches that produce more turgid cricket.

This is quite a concern for the England side who tend to rise to the big occasions.

They hit the ground running in Australia in 2010 and didn't let up and they were just as ruthless when they demolished India last summer in front of packed houses.

But then they were no where near as promising when it came to playing against Sri Lanka. England did demolish the tourists but there wasn't that usual spark or intensity in their play.

So if England want to win this three test series against Pakistan and prove to the world that they can hold their position as world number one, then they need to quickly adapt to the conditions and understand that the challenges will change from day to day.

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