Saturday, September 20, 2008

The boys are back in town

I'm away all day getting lost in deepest darkest Staffordshire and Warwickshire and what happens, the Bears beat Essex and get promoted! In fact i was probably in Warwick itself at the time they won, trying to find the castle, it seems very apt. Our victory was set up by an amazing 6for by Ian Salisbury. This match has been the match of true County pros, Frosty for his batting and Salisbury for his bowling. Both unexpected heroes and that makes it all the sweeter.

All that is great about county cricket can be encapsulated in the rugged innings of Frost, who came back when his county needed him, and in the bowling of Salisbury who left Surrey and wanted a final challenge. Neither is a fancy overseas player, a Kolpak or a centrally contracted England player. Both are real ale instead of caviar and chips. Hopefully for both of them will be helping us charge to the county championship next year.

For the record : Essex 341 and 316. Warks 514-9d and 144-4. Frosty was there at the end on 38no. The boys are back, there are many problems with the team perhaps but who cares today. if i wasn't already drunk i'd get drunk again.

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