Sunday, September 14, 2008

County Championship prize raised to half a million

At long last the ECB have done something about the county championship, to me and a few others at least it is the premier competition, the one that truly matters more than any other but amid the T20 hype and moolah the good old CC seemed in danger as meaning as much as the SEC to the average punter. But from next season the prize money will be increased to half a million squid, lets hope the Bears are in Division 1 to play for it!

The article also bemoans the number of non-England available players in the county game, apparently a quarter of the 355 who have played in the county championship. To be honest though this means over 260 are. OK a lot of those will be too old to play for England and a lot will be ...well... rubbish but you only need 11 players for an England team. As long as there is a good pool of players in all areas then its fine. Its nowhere near as bad a situation as with the England football team (Capello's miracles apart).

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