Monday, November 17, 2008

Bell watch : 2nd ODI vs India

Oh dear, England defeated again. At least not by as much this time though 54 runs is still quite a walloping. For the record India 292-9 and England 238ao. Not a good day for Belly either, he was run out for 1. A hot piece of work apparently.
Khan to Bell, OUT, athleticism at its best and Raina is the toast of the team at the moment, Bell taps it with soft hands in front of Raina at short mid-off and sets off confidently, the ball goes across Raina but it doesn't hinder his dive as he slides and in one motion under arms the ball at the stumps, there's no need for a replay, Bell was miles out of his crease

Bell needs a good score soon or the Voices of Doom i.e. the press box are going to be going all out to get him "rested".

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