Monday, November 17, 2008

Changes to membership

Warwickshire have sent a posting to all members (and also updated their website) with their new line-up of membership options. The county membership has gone, to be replaced by an "associate membership" where you pay £50 to retain all the rights of membership and "privileges" and then pay on the gate when you want to attend a game. There are also a series of "season passes" which allow you into games but not as members.

Over the last few years i have not been able to come to the ground as often as i would have liked (maybe 6-7 times a year) and so at first glance the associate membership looks good for me, but then at a second glance the "classic" season pass which includes all the county championship and non-T20 one-day games looks even better.

To be honest i prefer watching cricket side on to the wicket so seldom sit in the members area and i never vote. I am considering therefore the classic season pass for £75. Full membership is £150 so its quite a saving, i would miss BTB of course but i am sure i will get over it. I shall digest the membership pack when i get home anyway, i don't have to make a decision yet.

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