Sunday, September 6, 2009

The end of the (home) season

So that is it then for 2009 as far as home games are concerned at the "home of cricket" (Knight 2008). Warwickshire beat Derbyshire in an excellent Pro40 game. I went along determined to finally see a P40 game before i die. I also wanted to take some pictures of the old pavilion and the other members' facilities before the redevelopment begins.

I believe the bulldozing begins in November. Botha hit a 6 onto the pavilion roof, likely to the last time anyone ever does that. Bell (below) scored a great ton. Why isn't he playing for England in ODIs? Indeed why not Alaistair "Back to back 100s in the P40" Cook for that matter!

So thats it then. Next April half the ground will be a building site. I'll miss the old facilities which were old, inadequate and crumbling but had a charm even if they were hidden behind scaffolding.

I have to say though, Derbyshire were rubbish and what is it with that outfit? Bright yellow and light grey? I think that horrific colour clash must have sapped their strength! A group of their rowdy fans gave some good entertainment though before being silenced by the "Green Army". When they started singing "I am the one and only" at Chesney Hughes it was inspired.

Derbyshire's players are informed next year they will have a different strip

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