Friday, September 11, 2009

September cricket musings

Oddly enough September is one of my favourite cricket months. There is, of course, the sense of the season drawing to a close. The final battles for glory or defeat take place. The weather is usually better than it has been in the "Summer" too with clear blue skies! I also am able to see more cricket than i have been for the previous few months. For various reasons April, May and September are much easier for me to get to the games than the 3 Summer months.

The Pro40 has been a revelation this year, some of the best cricket i have seen on TV this year, and for sure the best i have seen live, has been in this format so i am glad that this format will continue in future. Is it just me or are P40 scores on average quite a bit higher than they have been in the past? Maybe it is the T20 effect.

In the county championship Warwickshire are edging their way to safety and might even end up quite high up in the table. The bore draws at Edgbaston will be (almost) worth it if the Bears stay up. Lets hope with a bit of strengthing in the batting and bowling departments the team can be more competitive next year. Durham seem light years away at present but you never know...

The England-Australia ODIs have been a bit poor, England just can't seem to get a settled one day side. When you see Alaistair Cook score back to back centuries in the P40 you wonder why the test opener isn't in the one-day team. I also wonder why Trott isn't, but at the moment i'm glad he is scoring runs for the Bears!

Next season the pavilion will be rubble and the new domestic structure will be in place. It will be an interesting season for sure.

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