Thursday, April 9, 2009


Following the decision to defer planning permission on the ground redevelopment Colin Povey was his usual diplomatic self. A disappointment for sure though as the ability to pay off the debt the club would incur is in question maybe a relief if you don't want to fear the club experiencing bankruptcy instead of excellence.

What appears to have worried the planning committee is not the ground improvements as such but all the other palaver that goes with it. Does the city need another entertainment and shopping complex so close to the city centre? As traffic around the ground can already be ridiculously busy i agree with the concerns on the impact on the roads around the ground.

The club also need to engage with the residents. Although i think the residents knew very well there was a major sporting venue near their homes when they bought them i also think they need to be involved with the development plans and not treated as an enemy.

Threats are not helpful right now, the ECB piping in about test cricket being under threat at the club was as well timed as a Courtney Walsh off-drive.

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