Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rikki isn't rubbish

Rikki got some abuse from the stands yesterday, some of it unsavoury according to Brian Halford, all i could hear from Section 25 were a few "get offs" luckily. I don't think abusing the players like this is on to be honest even if they arn't playing well. Cricketers are human too, even Kevin Petersen is... allegedly.

A bit of banter is fine and can be one of the things to really enjoy in cricket but not personal abuse. I remember a few years ago, again at a Bears vs HAM game (though this one was a 1 day game) and various fans were calling at Shane Warne asking him for his phone number. The great man shouted back "Ask your Missus!"

Anyway HAM are currently on 324-7.

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